Modern and functional apartments

The five apartments has – in addition to differences in square meters – also differences in layout, which makes them versatile. All apartments has its own kitchen and bathroom, which is made of quality materials and its layout, is made for optimal use of space. In general, the apartments is as you see in the layouts, but in bigger projects, we can accommodate individual wishes.

New York – 22 square meters apartment

An intense, cozy and functional apartment.

The concepts derives from a minimalistic principle and appears with a modern layout with quality materials. In the 22 square meters, the emphasis is put in the functions and all of the space is used to create as much space as possible for the student life.

Paris – 26 square meters apartment

A charming, inspiring and open apartment.

The concept derives from the idea of making room for living. In this apartment you get the most wall-to-wall space, where the possibilities for decorating is versatile.

Copenhagen – 30 square meters apartment

A spacious, perky and minimalistic apartment.

An apartment, which fits the city lifestyle. In this apartment, the private space is a priority, so that you can have a private bedroom and still have a living/dining room space. This makes the apartment suitable for two persons. The apartment has 30 square meters and lives up to the modern demands of space in apartments in the city and offers many versatile decorating options.

London – 52 square meters apartment

An interesting, desirable and unique apartment.

This apartment is well suited for living alone or sharing with a friend. The apartment has two separate bedrooms and a kitchen/dining area. It is a unique apartment, which you can easily personalize.

Stockholm 60 square meters apartment

Grand, modern and shareable apartment.

Our biggest apartment in our apartment concept range. In this apartment, there is room to grow as you get three separate rooms and a kitchen/dining area. The apartment is well suited and sharable for students, who wants community or to a family with children.

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